Vol. 7 No. 2 (2016): RDA, Resource Description and Access: The metamorphosis of cataloguing

Things in the World. The integration process of archival descriptions in intercultural systems

Federico Valacchi
Università di Macerata

Published 2016-05-15


  • Archival description,
  • Archives,
  • Integration

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Valacchi, Federico. 2016. “Things in the World. The Integration Process of Archival Descriptions in Intercultural Systems”. JLIS.It 7 (2):331-67. https://doi.org/10.4403/jlis.it-11529.


This paper conjectures that standard archival descriptions are no longer efficient in order to answer to society needs, mainly in an intercultural perspective. After a brief evaluation of the peculiarities of cultural heritage different domain languages, the specific issues of archival descriptions are discussed, seeking the possible strategies - technological as well as cultural - valid to open to an integration of descriptive languages. A particular focus is proposed on RDA, an approach which shows to be the best candidate to harmonize the separate descriptions typical of archival domain and activating the potential informative integrations with any limitation of information environments and single content quality.


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