Vol. 2 No. 2 (2011)

Organising knowledge with the filiatory sequence of the Colon Classification

Carlo Bianchini
Università degli studi di Pavia

Published 2011-10-19


  • Classificazione Colon,
  • FRBR,
  • Organizzazione della conoscenza

How to Cite

Bianchini, Carlo. 2011. “Organising Knowledge With the Filiatory Sequence of the Colon Classification”. JLIS.It 2 (2). https://doi.org/10.4403/jlis.it-4710.


The paper deals with the issue of the method of arrangement of the results of a opac search. For this reason, the paper presents the conceptual structure of shelf classified arrangement of documents (filiatory sequence) by Colon Classification.
It shows with examples that filiatory sequence complies with principles provided for bibliographies by Pollard and Krummel, it presents a complete structure of data and relationships provided by actual cataloguing theory, and it manages correctly relationships among a Work and its associated entities (FRBR).
The paper shows that the filiatory sequence expresses a holistic vision of the catalog, creating a complex bibliographic organization that represents with exhaustiveness semantic content, literary relationships, and formal features of the resources. The use of conceptual structure of filiatory sequence in ranking search results is suggested and its relevance for creating new navigating tools is highlighted.


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